12th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation

Hybrid (Wien)

Der 12. Weltkongress für Neurorehabilitation der World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) findet vom 14. bis 17. Dezember 2022 auf der Messe Wien in Österreich statt.

Aus der Kongressankündigung:

"Advancing research, education and clinical practice in neurorehabilitation throughout the world: The World Federation for Neurorehabilitation is delighted to invite you to their next World Congress, taking place in the beautiful city of Vienna from 14-17 December 2022!

The World Congress for Neurorehabilitation is an international expert forum for the presentation and discussion of new research focusing on inter-disciplinary aspects as well as current and future concepts of neuro-rehabilitation. We are expecting numerous participants on-site in Vienna from all around the world.

It would not only be a great pleasure to have you in Vienna, but we also invite you to actively contribute to the scientific programme by submitting your proposal for a scientific symposium or workshop. Complete information and the possibility to submit your proposal can be found online at www.wfnr-congress.org.

We look forward to your proposals, which will contribute to an outstanding programme again!"

Weitere Informationen bietet die Webseite des Kongresses sowie die Webseite des WFNR.

Scientific Programme

Key Topics

  • Autonomic dysfunction
    Bowel | Bladder | Impairments | etc.

  • Biometrics and big data projects

  • Cognitive disorders
    Neuropsychology | Neurophysiology | Neuroimaging

  • Communicative disorders | Aphasia

  • COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2-related problems

  • Disease specific rehabilitation

  • Diseases of the CNS
    Parkinson‘s disease | Epilepsy | Multiple sclerosis | Alzheimer‘s dementia | Stroke | Restless legs syndrome | Migraine | Disorders of consciousness | Spinal cord injury | Traumatic brain injury

  • Other diseases
    Balance and gait disorders | Systemic diseases | Infections | Tumours, etc.

  • Motor and post-stroke (neuro)rehabilitation

  • Early neurorehabilitation

  • Neuromodulation, visual and auditory perception

  • Neurorehabilitation in developing countries | Developing World Forum

  • Neurosurgical aspects of neurorehabilitation

  • Pediatric neurorehabilitation

  • Peripheral neuropathy and neuromuscular disease

  • Pharmacology in neurorehabilitation

  • Public health issues

  • Swallowing disorders | Dysphagia

  • Telerehabilitation

  • Virtual and augmented reality, robotics and related technology and brain computer interfaces

Programme Elements

  • Presidential lecture
  • Plenary lectures
  • Scientific symposia with invited speakers
  • Round tables for discussion of latest developments
  • Joint symposia with associated societies
  • Oral and ePoster communication sessions
  • Teaching programme for young clinicians
  • Industrial symposia and workshops
  • Practical workshops
  • Open stage in the industrial exhibition

World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR)


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