14th European Congress of Mental Health in Intellectual Disability

Best Practices – Better Life

Helsinki, Finnland

Aus der Kongresswerbung:

“We are pleased to invite you to the 14th EAMHID Congress in Helsinki, Finland. The congress will be organized by KTO and FAIDD, both organisations working for better life for the persons with learning difficulties. Our congress’ theme is “Best Practices – Better Life”, and as before the congress will provide numerous possibilities both scientists, practitioners, and persons with disabilities with their families to encounter and discuss. Our purpose is to introduce new scientific findings and evidence-based methods but also best practices in multiprofessional context to improve mental health and life of these vulnerable group.

We warmly welcome you to the 2023 Helsinki congress!”

Congress President of EAMHID, Director of Development and Expert Services at the KTO, Support and Expert Center for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Paimio, Finland

European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMHID)

Oili Sauna-aho (Finland), President of the Congress 2023

President of the Executive Board of EAMHID
e-mail: oili.sauna-aho (a) varha.fi

Executive Board of EAMHID

e-mail: info@eamhid.eu