The DVfR

The Deutsche Vereinigung für Rehabilitation e. V. (German Association for Rehabilitation - DVfR) is a national non-profit association that can look back on 100 years as an interdisciplinary forum for expert discussion of the needs-oriented organisation of rehabilitation services in Germany. It brings together representatives of all the stakeholders involved in rehabilitation to engage in ongoing interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral and consensus-oriented dialogue with the aim of promoting habilitation and rehabilitation, participation, self-determination and inclusion.

The DVfR is fundamentally involved in all areas of rehabilitation, i.e. in medical, educational, work-related and social rehabilitation, besides dealing with issues relating to targeted prevention as described in its mission statement and charter.

The central principles that govern the association’s mandate and organisational work are the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN-CRPD), the constitution and legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany, particularly the Ninth Book of the Social Code (SGB IX), the rehabilitation concept developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and the DVfR’s internal regulations (including its mission statement, charter, rules of procedure and committee regulations).

The DVfR fulfils its mandate by initiating, organising and moderating discussions and exchanges of experience in the areas of rehabilitation and participation as described in its mission statement and with the support of its members.

The need for a theme-based exchange of experience has also increased internationally since the onset of globalisation, particularly since the ratification of the UN-CRPD in Germany. Participation and inclusion are human rights that apply across national borders. The DVfR is also a member of the world organisation Rehabilitation International (RI), alternating with the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation e. V. (Federal Rehabilitation Council - BAR) in performing administrative duties on Germany’s behalf.

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