DVfR-Congress 2018: Participation of persons with disabilities in working life

DVfR-Congress 2018

Participation of persons with disabilities in working life

Challenges for individuals, state and society

The working life is currently changing and challenging more than ever! The transformation of work is characterized by digitalisation, demographic factors, education skills, migration and various values and demands. It is up to many stakeholders to identify the necessary processes of change: employers, employees and their associations, social insurances, professionals and scientists as well as decision-makers in federal and state governments. For the further development of the welfare state and its social security systems, we have to create a social dialogue, which considers the needs of disadvantaged groups of people. They must get equal participation opportunities.

The aim of the DVfR is to facilitate the exchange of ideas with the focus on the world of work for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases. It is very important for all stakeholders to succeed in retaining a long-term employment. To this end, the role of rehabilitation needs to be strengthened. How can rehabilitation be designed for realizing a successful participation for persons with disabilities in working life? This is the key question that must be discussed and implemented together with all stakeholders, including mostly the individual and enterprises.

The Congress will address the challenges of rehabilitation and participation in working life for people with disabilities and special needs in order to approach an inclusive working life. In this context questions, problems and solutions will also be discussed from an international perspective.

Lectures, side-talks and workshops will outline the following topics: Qualification for skilled workers needs and mobilizing the employment potentials of disabled people, training young people with disabilities and special needs, return to work, challenges of the work environment 4.0 and its effects on rehabilitation and participation, needs-based rehabilitation, development of rehabilitation law and research, and the importance of employers as partners for a successful participation in an inclusive working life.

We cordially invite our members, experts and decision-makers as well as practitioners and interested persons from companies, administrations, authorities, associations and social institutions to our Congress.

We are looking forward to an intensive exchange!

(The event is fully booked)

Patron DVfR Congress 2018

Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Chairman DVfR-Congress 2018

Raimund Becker, board member of the Federal Employment Agency